Atlantis Royal Family

    Team » Atlantis Royal Family appears in 233 issues.

    The Atlantis's Royal Family are the protectors of Atlantis and the Oceans in DC Universe.

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    The Atlantis' Royal Family are the protectors of Atlantis and the Oceans in DC Universe. This team is led by Aquaman and brings together all members of the royal family of Atlantis. Its most notable members are Aquaman, Mera, Tempest, Tula, Dolphin, Jackson Hyde, Princess Andy, Topo or Vulko. It is the main super-team that exists in Atlantis.

    Its main enemies, among many others, are Black Manta, who wants the destruction of Atlantis and Aquaman; Ocean Master, who also belongs to this team to be a half brother of Aquaman and Tula; Siren and the Xebellians; the Trench; or the clandestine organization N.E.M.O.

    Traditionally, this team is allied with the Justice League, the Titans and the Teen Titans, because several of its members are also participants in these groups. Also the Drift, the special force of Atlantis, works together with the Atlantis' Royal Family.


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