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Like many 'chains' of comic book stores, Atlantis Games & Comics has more than one store.  They have three separate locations.  The chain of Atlantis stores started was started by Steve Matousek in Portsmouth, Virginia.  From there, the brand name of Atlantis has spread to two more locations around the state of Virginia.  The stores in Norfolk & Virginia Beach are also listed here:


6231 Portsmouth Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Tel:  (757) 465-1617


145 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA 23505
Tel:  (757) 502-8954 

Virginia Beach  (Closed)

1920 Centerville Turnpike #120
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Tel:  (757) 479-5400 
Sadly, Mr Matousek announced that due to 'economic conditions combined with an unfavorable lease at that location' he was forced to close one of the three stores.   As such, the Virginia Beach location's final day of operation was 27 June 2010.   
Any & all scheduled events after that date were subsequently moved to the other two remaining locations.  The remaining merchandise from the Virginia Beach store was distributed among the other two stores or was liquidated in order to realise any remaining assets from the failing store.  

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