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    Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in the state of Georgia as well as the urban core of one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States.

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    Atlanta was the base of the new Freedom Fighters. Among their ranks where; Uncle Sam, Ray, Damage, Black Bolt II, The Phantom Lady And the Human Bomb.  

    DC Story Line's

    Crisis On Infinite Earth's 

    In the story line "Crisis On Infinite Earths". The Secret Society tore apart the members of the Freedom Fighters and murdered them.Dr Zolomon AKA Zoom. Crushed Damages navel cavity and distorted his face. Building an unstable base in Damage that caused him to lose control of his explosive abilities. Due to this, Damage ended up Destroying all of downtown Atlanta.  

    Thy Kingdom 

    Later on. In the story line "Thy Kingdom". The Justice Society Of America pursued Zoom into Atlanta. Regardless of the fact that Damage had been outlawed from his home town. And had signed an agreement saying that the police would not charge him if he did not return. At the state border Damage uses his explosive powers to rocket himself into Atlanta and goes at it with Zoom. In the final result, Damage holds Zoom hostage. Building up enough explosive energy, that if zoom so much as attempted to use his speed or vibrate out of his grip then it would be like setting of an atom bomb. Thankfully Liberty Belle, Jesse Chambers, Former Jesse Quick. Come's on scene and talk's Damage into releasing Zoom and powering down his explosive field. In the end Atlanta dropped all charge's against Damage after he entered Atlanta

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