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    Team » Atari Force appears in 78 issues.

    Originally a group of 5 multinational humans, the Atari force was brought together to explore the multiverse in their ship, Scanner One, to search for a "New Earth." Later, aliens joined the group.

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    Earth had been ravaged by war and an ecological imbalance. To save the human race, the Alien Technology and Research Institute commissioned a top secret project - to send a specially trained crew throughout the Multiverse to find a new world for humanity to inhabit.

    Aboard Scanner One were Martin Champion, commander; Li San O'Rourke, security officer; Mohandes Singh, flight engineer; Lucas Orion, medical officer; and Lydia Perez, executive officer and pilot.

    After many months they finally found a peaceful universe and a planet dubbed New Earth. 25 years later, the Dark Destroyer - a powerful usurper - threatened the lives of everyone in the Multiverse. Martin Champion, embittered over the death of his wife Lydia Perez, came out of seclusion to reform the Atari Force and oppose the Destroyer.

    The group now has some new members including Champion's son Chris, a.k.a. Tempest, who can travel the multiverse on his own; Erin Bia O'Rourke Singh, a.k.a. Dart, who receives images of potential futures and is a mercenary, Babe, an infant member of the Eggite race; Morpheus, a young psychiatrist from Canopia; Tukia Oly, a.k.a. Pakrat, a Martian theif who is a coward at heart; Taz,last survivor of a war-like race, and Babe's companion; and the Hukka, Martin Champion's childhood pet.


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