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    Atalanta is a member of the Pantheon.

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    Atalanta is a member of the Pantheon who fought alongside Hulk during his time with them.

    Her primary weapon is an energy bow and arrow that she can guide with her mind.

    One of her closest friends is mentally challenged Pantheon member Ajax. After Hulk joined she began secretly seeing the invulnerable Achilles. Ajax is in love with Atalanta, and his feelings caused serious problems when he found about her and Achilles. He went ballistic and started beating up Achilles, he wouldn't have hurt him but when Hulk showed up Achilles' gamma vulnerability kicked in and he nearly died.

    Her kidnapping by Trauma caused the beginning of the Troyjan War which lead into the Fall of the Pantheon. During the battle against Agamemnon's army of the undead, she is the one who kills him during his attempted escape.

    Atalanta, Ajax, and Paris are the only super-powered members of the Pantheon that stay with the group after the destruction of the Mount.


    Atalanta was created by Peter David and Dale Keown in 1990 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 376.


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