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    An AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) is the deadliest vehicle in the Empire's ground forces. They were used in the Battles of Hoth and Endor, among other conflicts.

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    The AT-AT is an aggressive heavy attack vehicle and troop transport platform used by the Empire. AT-ATs are gigantic, mechanical, four legged vehicles used to destroy big objects and can't be used effectively against troops or fast moving vehicles although their massive front cannons can be directed to lay down suppressing fire. AT-ATs are incredibly slow but they are heavily armored and and heavy armed with twin blasters capable of destroying large ships and shield generators. They were famously used as heavy siege engines to destroy the rebel alliance on Hoth and were used on the forth moon of Endor to destroy the rebels.

    One prominent weakness of the AT-AT is its legs, on the planet Hoth the rebels used the snow speeder's harpoon to wrap the legs with tow lines to foul their progress. Imperial officers would normally control the AT-AT and direct the battle from their vantage point while the smaller and more maneuverable AT-ST would take out ground personal.

    AT-AT Specs


    Kuat Drive Yards

    • Imperial Department of Military Research


    FW62 Compact Fusion Drive Systems

    Cargo Capacity

    1 Metric Ton


    • Pilot (x1)
    • Gunner/Co-Pilot (x1)
    • Commando (x1)
    • Deck Officers (x2)

    AT-AT Overview


    Towering over the battlefield at 22.5 meters tall, the All Terrain Armored Transport was planned to strike fear in the enemies hearts. The gunners could target any other vehicles because of the 360-view in the head of the vehicle. The AT-AT could heave around a lot of troops and speeders - holding five speeder bikes and up to 40 standard troops. The AT-AT could move around at a top speed of 60 Kilometers an hour on the battlefield.

    The two main guns stationed on the vehicle are called MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannons, manufactured and produced by Taim & Bak. These two weapons were planned to fire at a slower rate, but cause double the amount of damage to the foe. The armor of the AT-AT itself was durasteel, allowing high powered and heavy impacts to the hull. The weakest area of this 'monster' was it's bendable neck (can withstand light blast impacts). The troopers planned to have flanking vehicles to make sure no shots would be taken at the weak link. Y-85 Titan Dropships lugged down these behemoths to ground from space, in total they could carry four AT-AT's.

    AT-AT's in the Battle of Hoth

    The empire thought ahead before they went into combat with the AT-AT'S. They programmed the 'snow walkers' to have de-icing controls and heat circulations systems to keep the crew fit for battle. Most of the programs controls were in the head of the AT-AT and had to be constantly checked by the driver.


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