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For some time during the plot of Samurai Shodown 64, this clone was completely loyal to Yuga but wavered when he realizes his affections for Shiki. He comes to love Shiki and wants to save her from her former master. Subsequently, he and his original band together and kill Yuga. However, upon Yuga's defeat, he begins to deteriorate because Yuga's magic is what kept him alive. For the sake of his clone, the two Asuras merge together and turn into one unique being. Before he merges with his original, Shiki gives birth to their child. It's later mentioned in Warriors Rage that he was the "true" Asura, as he had the emotions and thoughts of the original. He is supreme ruler of the Underworld and has seven kings in his service.


Shadow Asura was once as loyal as any of Yuga's servants until he meets Shiki. Emotionally conflicted, he eventually chooses his love for Shiki over his duties.


  • Darkness - Shadow Asura can use the powers of darkness inherited from his creator.
    • Energy Beam - Shadow Asura can shoot a purple beam of energy to his foes.
    • Complete Darkness - Shadow Asura create a dark void, making the battlefield pitch black.
    • Shadow Attack - Shadow Asura can extend his shadow and use it to attack his foes.
  • Electricity - Shadow Asura can conduct electric pulses. He can also summon a lightening bolt to appear at will.
  • Flight - Shadow Asura can fly above his opponents.
  • Energy Slash - Shadow Asura can fuel his weapon with ki energy. It can also create a rippling mirror effect with each swing.

Fighting Style

Shadow Asura relies on the dark magic given to him by his master, sharing of some of Yuga's moves. He is a close to mid-ranged fighter with attacks that are slightly quicker than his original counterpart. His attacks are named after various Kabbalistic angels, spelled in reverse.

Other Media

Video Games


  • Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
  • SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS
  • KOF X Garou Densetsu

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