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Powers and Abilities

Asura is an elite demigod warrior and former Guardian General, previously trained by Augus--a former Guardian General who became one of the Seven Deities. Due to his extensive training as a soldier and a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, Asura is an exceptional warrior and has mastered many areas of fighting including hand-to-hand combat. His extraordinary combat ability makes him one of the finest combatants in the Demigod Fleet.

The source of his incredible power is based on his ability to manipulate Mantra, the source of mystic ability in the universe. It can be drawn from planets, stars, and especially people’s life force. For Asura, his primary emotional source of his mantra is his anger or Wrath. Using this ability and coupled with millennia-spanning battle experience has made Asura a force to be reckoned with, even to such formidably skilled warriors as Yasha, Augus, Deus and even Chakravartin himself. Even by demigod standards, Asura possesses tremendous superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance. His punches can shatter mountains, he can effortlessly leap thousands of yards at a time (to appear to be flying), and can shake off tremendous amounts of physical and energy based attacks. He has single-handedly defeated entire demon armies, and other immortal foes of tremendous power on his own, without using his final three (and most powerful) transformations.

Asura's physical capabilities, primarily his strength, stamina, and endurance are of monstrous levels as seen in his many battles against opponents who, in theory, are far stronger than him, as the likes of Deus and Chakravartin can attest. But while his durability is noteworthy, it is inferior in comparison to other characters. In nearly every major battle Asura suffers considerable damage (usually involving the destruction of his arms, but it appears to have lessen until the battle against Chakravartin).

Asura’s Mantra affinity is Wrath. This signifies that Asura's strength can increase based on his level of rage and fury. This ability allows him to constantly build up and increase his Mantra output to what could be unlimited levels, as his anger increases. Yasha once questioned Deus as to how Asura's Mantra levels could match those of the Seven Deities, even after accumulating over seven trillion human souls worth of Mantra to enhance their powers. Even the Mantra God Chakravartin was shocked by the potency of Asura's Mantra. Using his Mantra, Asura's capabilities includes producing fist-channeled blasts of energy that vary in size and intensity. He can drastically boost his enormous superhuman strength, speed, jumping ability, and even generate his colossal Mantra-based arms (he can manifest 4 additional energy based arms) . Asura is also one of the rare entities capable of numerous transformations, which trigger as his Mantra levels escalate.


Vajra Asura

Asura's most commonly seen form, it is a form where Asura's arms are coated in a golden metallic armor. Through the Mantra activation within his body he is able to metalize his arms through the power of his Wrath Mantra and increase their strength and making them more suitable for combat. Asura's mastery of this form is most prominent in the fact that Asura is rarely seen outside of this form.

Unlimited Form

This form is an enhanced phase of Vajra Asura. When in thiss mode, the marks on his body emanate a bright orange light, due to the mantra flowing through his body, leaving a trail of orange mantra from his body. While in this state, Asura becomes almost completely invulnerable to any kind of attacks or damage, gains unlimited stamina during the mode's duration, and also his strength and power increases.

Six-Armed Vajra Asura

Asura achieved this form during his first encounter with Gohma Vlitra 12,500 years ago, using Mithra's divine power. This feature is identical to Vajra Asura but with the addition of four (4) metallic arms sprouting from his body. This form requires more Mantra and can be activated when Asura is sufficiently angered. The power of this form is tremendous. Understandably capable of decimating lesser opponents with ease, Asura has defeated Wyzen in his Gongen form, his former master Augus, and even Deus (with assistance from Yasha) and the Vlitra single handedly.

Berserker Asura

When Asura's anger reaches its peaks, he undergoes a transformation into a being of pure rage with no sense of reason or control. First witnessed in Episode 12: "Gods of Death" after the death of Ahria. This traumatic event triggered a transformation as his anger exceeded any controllable means. Described as a feral, golden-coated monstrosity armed with razor-sharp claws, Asura can generate four (4) additional phantom arms made of concentrated Mantra from the portals on his back. The arms, including Asura himself, are capable of releasing inconceivable volumes of Mantra; even Asura's screams produced powerfully destructive shock waves. Berserker Asura was formidable enough to decimate an entire Shinkoku armada and challenge the Brahmastra directly. Asura was eventually subdued, although it should be noted that he retained the ability to generate the 4 additional arms of the Berserker's Mantra in his Vajra form.

Wrath Asura

The Wrath form is the sundered state of Asura's Berserker form after surviving the Brahmastra's Mantra cannon. The damage sustained rendered him incapable of regenerating the extra Mantra Arms and left his body scorched black. As Wrath Asura, his body cannot contain the sheer volumes of Mantra his anger generated causing gradual decay and eventual death. While attacking in this state caused more harm to Asura than his enemies, he was still capable of killing Sergei and fighting Yasha before being forced back into his normal form. Interestingly enough, Asura retains some level of consciousness while in this form, as evident when he was capable of attacking those with a connection only to the Seven Deities or the Gohma (instead of innocent lives) and also able to hear and respond to his daughter, Mithra during his first encounter with Chakravartin. Though this was likely due to his emotional connection to his child.

Mantra Asura

During the final assault on Gohma Vlitra, Asura achieved his highest degree of power. After being bathed in the Mantra released from the Brahmastra by Mithra, Asura becomes Mantra Asura. In this state, Asura's rage is at its most focused, harnessing the excess Mantra into power and increasing the size and armor of his arms to hulking, armored proportions. These arms possess the strength of a thousand arms and can vent jets of Mantra for increased speed, maneuverability, flight and striking power. In this state, Asura (along with Yasha) was able to defeat Gohma Vlitra and the Vlitra Core. Asura also transforms into this state to fight against Oni in the second Lost Episode.

Mantra Reactor Asura

After Yasha goes to the ruins of the Karma Fortress, he rips out the Mantra Reactor from the middle of the ruins and implants it into Asura's chest. After Yasha is killed, the Mantra Reactor absorbs his Mantra to gain its full power and potential. It allows Asura to channel as much power as he needs into it and will no longer turn into his Berserker or Wrath forms because his anger can no longer destroy his body. It allows him to use his power in even stronger ways than ever, increasing his abilities to levels never before seen, even in his most basic transformation. Asura's body constantly gives off a powerful glow when using this form and his attacks release a multi-coloration of Mantra Energy due to the Mantra Reactor containing all the Mantra Affinities. The game's illustrations call this form "Mantra Asura", despite the in-game footages calling the six bulky-armed Asura "Mantra Asura".

Asura the Destructor

After Yasha fitted Asura with the Mantra Reactor, Asura's body became capable of safely harnessing any amount of Mantra he could generate. When Chakravartin attempted to destroy Gaea with a powerful blast of Mantra, Asura stood in from of it and took the force of the attack, assuming the form of The Destructor. In this form, he becomes larger than Gaea itself, his skin becomes grey-colored and he manifests six arms identical in appearance to those of his Mantra form. His power in this stage is godlike in status, as during his battle with the Mantra God, his blasts destroyed multiple stars and planets and was able to punch a planet at least a hundred times bigger than him to the point where it broke apart.


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