Asuka Kazama

    Character » Asuka Kazama appears in 3 issues.

    Relative of Jin Kazama, she's a hot-blooded young student from the Kansai region, who is well-versed in the Kazama-style martial arts. She has a fervorous rivalry with Lili, which is brought up as comic relief in the series.

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    Tekken 5

    Asuka Kazama had a relatively normal life, living with her father, who is a master of the Kazama-Style traditional martial arts. However, he was sent to hospital and the dojo was destroyed. After Lee Wulong, the detective on the case, said that the perpetrator - Feng Wei - was most likely taking part on the King of Iron Fist tournament, she decides to take part on it, too.

    She went through the tournament, even being able to defeat Lili, but was ultimately unable to find Feng; eventually she returned home and her life gradually turned back to normal.

    ARCADE ENDING (non-canonical): being able to find Feng Wei and getting her revenge by defeating him, she is now looking to have some fun with the following steps of the tournament. As Asuka reaches the final stage, she witnesses a fight between Devil Jin and Jinpachi Mishima, in which the latter delivers a powerful blow who throws Devil Jin to the ground. Jinpachi turns his attention to Asuka and both fight, with Asuka beating Jinpachi, who returns to dust.

    She then runs to Jin - who was halfway from regressing his Devil transformation - and tries to wake him up in order to find out where they were. As she tries to locate herself and lamenting that there are no transportation or means of communication, she fails to realize that her hands send some sort of energy through his body, erasing the Devil's influence.

    He wakes up, confused by his surrondings, only to trip and falling on Asuka's breasts. Feeling harassed, Asuka demands for Jin to explain himself, but he continues to be oblivious. Enraged, Asuka delivers a powerful blow that makes Jin collide with a big rock, and leaves the place.

    Tekken 6

    Asuka's life seemed to go back to normal after the tournament, but it didn't stay so for long; she discovers that the world was in complete chaos after a relative of hers, Jin Kazama, took over the Mishima Zaibatsu. She enters the newly announced tournament in order to capture Jin.

    ARCADE ENDING: Asuka is seen peddling her bike, as she was late for school. As she was reaching the gates, Lili's limo stops right in front of Asuka, who crashes her bike and sees her lunch falling in the ground. Lili taunts her by saying her first day of school is completely ruined, and both then fight with each other.

    Tekken 7

    During the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7, Asuka became annoyed when her opponent was her rival, Lili who is trying to show off the audience in a glamorous way to beat her in a fight.

    ARCADE ENDING: After defeating Lili, Asuka is shocked to find that her rival is planning on moving to her own home. As Asuka shouts at her to explain herself, Lili waltzes around saying that she will learn the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts and rebuild the dojo to its former glory. Asuka can only shout and chase after Lili as they leave the arena.


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