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    The Astronomer is one of the Elders of the Universe. He dedicated himself to observe the slow evolution of the cosmos.

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    Astronomer is one of the Elders of the Universe and has existed for billions of years. His passion is astronomy and he watched the evolution of the universe and catalogued the location of all he saw.

    Significant Stories

    Astronomer was one of the Elders who attempted to kill Galactus. They almost succeeded but were foiled by Silver Surfer and Nova. Nova destroyed a nearby star, and Astronomer was taken into a black hole. Along with him were Trader and Possessor. They found themselves in Magick Realm, the reality of Chaos and Order. They formed a plan to gather the Infinity Gems that had fallen in with them. They found all of the gems and waited.

    When Galactus became ill, he needed the soul gems to recover. Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman traveled into the black hole to retrieve them. Astronomer and the other two Elders devised a plan with the help of the In-Betweener. He took control of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Sue, consumed by her evil personality Malice, betrayed the Surfer and traded him for the gems and attempted to escape.

    Mr. Fantastic, meanwhile, was consumed by logic. He told the Elders that Death has no power in this realm, and if they do not release the Surfer, he could kill them. He gave them his promise to relase them from the realm in exchange for the Silver Surfer. They agreed and went after Sue. But they soon realized the culprit behind the scheme, the In-Betweener. He defeated them and took the Elders back to their own universe.

    In-Betweener had agreed to kill Galactus for them, but once there he claimed he could not. In-Betweener could not exist in the same reality as Galactus for long, and killing him would start a new reality. He threw Galactus into his own realm. When Astronomer and the other Elders argued with him, he called Death and she killed them, having to obey the orders of the In-Betweener.


    Due to the Grandmaster's contest with Death, the Astronomer is immortal. He is highly resistant to damage, can teleport great distances and possesses cosmic awareness.


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