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Born on the planet KO-35 as Karone alongside her older brother Andros, a human space colony. As a child, Karone was kidnapped by Darkonda, a servant of the United Alliance of Evil, taking her to Dark Specter and Ecliptor. Brainwashing her to be Astronema, the Princess of Evil. She quickly rose through the ranks of the United Alliance of Evil, becoming powerful enough to scare Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.



Sometime after her time with the Galaxy Rangers, Karone is held on trial by a court of hundreds of her Astronema’s victims, including a pre-S.P.D. Anubis Cruger. After being rescued from the trial by Maya, Leo Corbett, and her brother Andros, she scolds Andros from taking away her decision to stay and be trialled. She returned to Mirinoi with Maya to collect her belongings before going home to KO-35

Return of the Psycho Rangers

Andros vs. Karone
Andros vs. Karone

During an attack by the resurrected Psycho Rangers led by Psycho Green on the planet KO-35, Karone is given no choice but to leave with them to stop any more deaths. While being tortured by Trek, the Green Psycho Ranger, she reveals that she still has access to Astronema’s powers. Taking the opportunity to redeem the Psycho Rangers, she stays with them as they travel the galaxy, training and helping them become the people they once were.

After Andros finds Karone, he attempts to save her and destroy the Psycho Rangers Data Cards. Unhappy that Andros double-crossed her, she attacks him to save the Psycho Rangers. After a fight between the Psycho Rangers and Psycho Green, they are all believed to have perished in the battle. Back in the Megaship, Karone explains to her brother that the Psycho Rangers are very much alive and are travelling the universe.

Other Media

Video Games

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

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Game Bio: Karone, Andros' sister, was kidnapped and taken to Ecliptor, who raised and trained her to fight the Power Rangers. Now called Astronema, she grew up to become the Princess of Evil. She uses her extensive knowledge of dark magic and the power of her Wrath Staff to fight and hypnotize her enemies. Narcissist, vain and confident, Astronema is the most formidable opponent of the Power Rangers In Space.

Released: 05/29/2020


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