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    Originally called Romeyn Falls, when it was rebuilt after WWII, It was renamed in honor of the Astronaut, a superhero who gave his life to save the city. It's the Seat of Hood County.

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    Astro city is split into a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique feel. Some of the most recognizable are:

    • The haunted, immigrant-laden Shadow Hill, where no sane man would be out at night and the sinister hero the Hanged Man floats through the streets.
    • The City Center, a neo-modern teeming metropolis of mega-towers which represents the city to all who don't live there.
    • Keifer Square, a slum home to many retired supervillains, including Steeljack, Donnelly Ferguson, Golden Glove, Handgun, and The Chain.
    • Biro Island, the Alcatraz-like penitentiary for supervillains.

    Notable locations within these neighborhoods are:

    • The Astrobank Tower, home of the Astro City Beacon, a warning system, and a statue of Air Ace.
    • Bruiser's, a bar catering to superheroes that is owned and operated by K.O. Carson, formerly The Black Badge.

    No matter where you are in Astro City, the most notable thing is the constant battles between superheroes and supervillains. Not only are superheroes found in every conceivable nook and cranny, but the citizens of the city also do their bit to rebuild and help the city recover from the perennial destruction.

    Ironically, the superheroes bring people in as tourists, but due to their regular high-powered battles in the city, also keep them away. However, the general good of the plain old heroes nobody knows about cause them to makes Astro City their home.

    Many locations and businesses within the Astro City universe are named after notable figures from the comics industry (for instance, Mount Kirby, named after Jack Kirby).

    Please note that Astro City was originally published by Image and is now published by Homage, a division of Wildstorm. Astro City is creator-owned by Kurt Busiek, not a DC property.


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