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It's time to visit Astro City. Please drive carefully.

The Good

Astro City does what all relaunches should do. It is written in a way that both newcomers and fans can pick it up and enjoy without having to buy or reread previous issues. Furthermore it is a charming comic that is different than the usual superhero fair and deserves your attention. NOW.

The plot is great in that it's told in such an unusual manner. The whole tale is told by a character who may of may not be earth's greatest hero, or villian (or maybe he's just insane) who seems to be aluding to something thats bigger than everything in Astro City, which is saying something. The narrator ( I can't remember his name) also talks to what seems to be the reader, ording them to focus on this, and skip that. This works suprisingly well since it adds humor and intrigue to certain sections of the book that would be more ordinary without it. Beyond this there are two more plots occuring abut a regular guy and, well, a door. They're both very interesting and connect nicely two one another, and add more to this book than the afformentioned plot. There's also a new character who's very unique and interesting. All of these different plots intertwine into a package that is certainly worth 4 dollars.

Brent Anderson's art is notably great. His pencils are very detailed, and Alex Sinclair's colors only add to his art. It's nice to see that more than a decade since the previous Astro City comic Anderson can still do a great job drawing this world and its' inhabitants.

The Bad

There was one awkward panel that was focused behind a character, which would've been great, had it not focused on just his head and part of his shoulders. There's also a charcter that's supposed to be in her twenties that looks like she's in her mid to late thirties. The wait for the next issue may be tortuous for you, but then again, if the comics that good you may feel that that's a good thing.

Final Verdict

All in all, this was a great first issue. You'll feel like you got your money's worth, and hopefully want to read the next issue. For now, though, pick this book up, and tell me if you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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