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Joseph Silver,called "Mr.Inferiority Complex " by his classmates ,and was a timid boy growing up in Smallville. When he went to the Silver Institute he started doing research into dreams and gained numerous grants. But he became jealous of his old high school friend Clark Kent who had became a famous reporter.

Using his machine Joey projected his "Astral" form to the past to posses his 16 year old self, in which he matured greatly. He no longer was just Joseph P. Silver, he was now a combination of two Joes. Astralad's powers came from a future Joe Silver who astrally projected his consciousness back in time in order to possess and empower his younger self. So Joe created Project Trackback, and invented Astral Projection, all so that his teenage self could be popular and impress the girls.

He then confronts some bullies that picked on Clark Kent. He then went to the Smallville Super Bowl to reveal the new Smallville superhero. Superboy arrived and demanded to know what Astra Lad was up to. Astra Lad wanted to battle him but instead threw him into space. Later Astra Lad kidnapped Clark Kent and during this Clark was exposed as Superboy. Superboy told him since his dream like powers made Joey what he wanted that why Clark became Superboy that`s what Joey secretly wanted. Convinced of the errors of his way Joey returns home and erases the memory of his younger self.


Astralad’s dreamself allowed him to bring anything he could dream into reality. Powers he demonstrated included superhuman strength, durability, flight and energy manipulation.

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