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    Astra is an angel and ally of Crystal and Celestine.

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    Astra is an angel of heaven and is primarily allied with the angel Crystal both her are subservient to the angel Celestine. When Celestine is seemingly killed by the Violator, Astra and Crystal collect what is left of her physical remains, notably her heart and return it to Elysium, the city of Angels to hopefully restore her. Astra and Crystal are successful and the renewed Celestine leads them on a charge to overthrow heaven, killing and slaughtering several angels and starting a rebellion. They head to the isle of the Paradise, the home of the mighty warrior race the Amazonian's to look for a source of tremendous power. Celestine enthralls a group of Amazonian warriors to her cause through deceit, which brings her and Astra and their group into conflict with the warriors Glory and Angela.


    Astra is an Image comics published character, created by writers Rob Liefeld, Robert Napton and artist Roger Cruz. The character first appears in Angela/Glory: Rage of Angels #1 released in 1996.

    Character Evolution

    Astra had a limited number of appearances, appearing mainly as a lackey and ally to the villain Celestine and appearing frequently alongside Crystal as a duo of sorts, Astra and Crystal almost identical save for Astra having blond hair where as Crystal depicted with jet black hair. Astra is rooted firmly in the 90's possessing many of the qualities that made mainstream comics in the mid 90's so polarizing. She fulfills many of the criteria of Bad Girl art that was prevalent with Image Comics house style in the 90's, exaggerated physique, minimal clothing and an aggressive, assertive, gritty demeanor.

    Major Story Arcs


    Astra and Crystal stay loyal to Celestine, the rebel seraphim capturing Lady Demeter, Glory's mother and true leader of the Amazonian warriors. They plan to execute her. This plan is interrupted by the arrival of Glory and Angela who attempt to fight there way through the assembled rebel Angels and deceived Amazonian's. Although it seems like the two warriors would be overwhelmed, Glory calls upon the power of her birthright and home and summons a tremendous storm that drives Astra, Crystal and Celestine to retreat.

    Powers and Abilities

    Astra possesses divine powers, as a result of being an angel and seraphim. She possesses enhanced strength levels, durability and resistance to most types of common disease or malady. She also possesses enhanced speed and agility, and is a capable fighter and warrior. Perhaps even more so than other angels, as her, Crystal and Celestine were about to viciously slaughter many angels of heaven in a rebellion despite being outnumbered although at some point many angels did join Celestine's rebellion.


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