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    Character » Astra Logue appears in 26 issues.

    A young girl who Constantine failed to rescue in Newcastle. She was torn apart and damned to Hell by the demon Nergal.

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    Astra was created by writer Jamie Delano, first appearing in Hellblazer #8 in a hallucination and properly in Hellblazer #11.

    Major Story Arcs



    Astra Logue was the daughter of the notorious "sex and drugs magician" Alex Logue, who owned the Casanova Club in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. Throughout her life, Astra had been sexually abused by her father and his friends. Eventually Astra was able to summon a hellhound by the name of Norfulthing who posessed her and began brutally killing her father and the rest of abusers in the nightclub. In 1978, John Constantine and his 'Newcastle crew' of amateur magicians traveled to Newcastle to exorcise Norfulthing. Reasoning that the only way to defeat a Demon would be to summon a higher ranking demon to take it back to Hell, Constantine summoned the demon Nergal, despite the reservations of his friends.

    Inevitably, Nergal himself tore apart Astra, sending her to Hell and leaving the entire group traumatized and haunted for the rest of their lives.

    Critical Mass

    Decades later, on a visit to Hell, John was offered the salvation of Astra's soul in exchange for his own by Buer, the demon of damned children, working for the First of the Fallen. John outwitted him by conjuring a demon version of himself and sending him to hell instead, and saving Astra's soul.

    Other Media


    Bailey Tippen plays Astra in the NBC series Constantine. Depicted as African-American, she was the young girl John failed to save in Newcastle, damning her to Hell and his own soul as a result. She regulalry appears in haunting flashbacks for John. In the episode "Non Est Asylum" the demon Fercifer, appearing as Demon version of John, appears with Astra and attempts to trick John into exchanging his soul for hers, before Liv Aberdeen is able to see it was not really her and warn John.


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