Astra Furst

    Character » Astra Furst appears in 27 issues.

    A member of the First Family. She's the grand daughter of Augustus Furst, the third generation of the First Family.

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    Born in 1986, she's the daughter of Natalie Furst and Rex Zorus.

    When Astra saw a girl playing hopscotch, she wondered what the girl was doing. After asking her computer tutor and getting no response, she asked her mother, who explained what hopscotch was. Astra asked to have a chance to play, but her mother, being a busy superhero and raising a busy superhero declined.

    Astra decided that it was time to make an adventure for herself, discovering what life outside of Furst tower was like.

    In school she finds friends and enemies and seeks to, with practice and perseverance, defeat her enemy at the (not so) deadly game of hopscotch.

    Meanwhile her family literally tears apart their enemies in an attempt to find her.


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