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Surrounded by armed SHIELD troops, the X-Men choose to reason with Fury, explaining that they have discovered that Fury’s ally, Ord of the Breakworld, was experimenting on the resurrected Piotr Rasputin in order to create the cure. Questioned by Fury, Special Agent Brand, director of SHIELD’s extra-terrestrial directive-driven counterpart, SWORD, confirms.

Ord is from a planet called the Breakworld, which possesses technology to see glimpses of the future. In one glimpse, they saw that an Earth mutant – possibly an X-Man - destroys their planet in their lifetime. SWORD entered into an agreement with Ord and the Breakworld to create a cure for mutation – in lieu of an alien invasion. SWORD and Ord had enlisted the aid of Dr. Kavita Rao, using DNA from the Breakworld resuscitated Colossus to create it.

As Brand continues her explanation, rioting mutants, incensed by a possibility of a cure, break into Benetech, scattering the SHIELD agents. In the confusion, Ord sneaks away to his spacecraft. As he rockets away, with the cure formula, Colossus manages to launch Wolverine to the ship via a Fastball Special, and Wolverine manages to makes Ord land.

The situation diffused, Fury suggests they walk away and act like the incident never happened. Having no way to object, the X-Men comply. Back at the Institute, the X-Men take stock of their situation. The Beast is still torn by the cure, of which he possesses the last sample, though he will not take it – for now.

Taking a little private time, Kitty and Piotr ponder the meaning of finding each other again. Meanwhile, Emma and an unseen cohort ponder how, if at all, Colossus’ return changes their plan.

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