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    Not so astonishing.

    We reach the end of Warren Ellis' Exogenetic story line. The X-men have infiltrated there enemies hideout and it's time to confront KAGA and stop his evil plans.
    The Good:
    The art work is really nice, you get a cool splash page and the action in this book is detailed and looks good. Although I have personal issues with some of the X-men's uniforms (Cyclops and Storms), the team is well drawn. The dialogue for the X-men is mostly well written. When Cyclops and Beast speak to one another it feels right, you can believe that these two characters have been friends for a long time. Wolverine also responds to things the way you'd expect and produced a chuckle or two from me as I read.
    The Bad:
    The cover. Now the art for the cover is fine but what it shows is not in the book. This is not a new phenomenon in comics but it's one I dislike a lot. The first thing you see with a comic is the cover, so it should reflect what's in the book. Looking at this cover you'd think you were going to see an epic battle between the X-men and their new enemy. Think again. Speaking of epicness (I know that's not a real word), the action in this issue starts strong but tails off in the middle and unfortunately the story follows it. The confrontation with Kaga is pretty disappointing, considering what the character has done up to that point, his motivation left me shrugging my shoulders in disinterest and wanting a better villain. Also, Cyclops is a jerk. I know his characters changed in recent years but what he says he plans to do to Kaga at the end of this book are not the actions of a heroic leader, there the actions of a douche.
    What was building into a potentially interesting conclusion, ends up being rather boring. The villain of the story is mediocre at best and I really didn't believe his motivation, especially when you take into account all he want through to kill the X-men. The art was good and I'm a fan of Warren Ellis' writing but I don't feel this is his best work. 3 out of 5.

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