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Blood Brothers

Tapping the great potential that two of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe and making a good story about them, using old elements of plot as elegant and efficient tools, such as the concepts of time travel, Mojo, crime, Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert delivered one of the best stories that I´ve ever read of Wolverine and Spider-Man ever, filled with spectacular dialogues, funny lines, great action and an elaborate narrative, so this conclusion it was obvious that everything would be allright again, right? Maybe not, because for what´s worth, Peter and Logan at least understand and respect each other more than they did, because that´s what this issue is about: it´s about they connecting, bonding, becoming more than associates, more than friends, and for that kind of perspective Jason Aaron really nailed it, despite the fact that the story of this conclusion weren´t as sharp and interesting as the previous issues - the best part of this book was Jason Aaron´s guest starring the comic, hilarious, but seriously it´s difficult saying what´s best in this miniseries, because Adam Kubert is one of my heroes and Aaron (though I´m not enjoying his work in Wolverine so much) did his best job in Marvel so far, writing a crazy story with excellent dialogues - this is what Spider-Man is all about, that´s the correct aproach on these two astonishing characters and I wish for more (well, at least the end is promising) - so, if you haven´t read this, rush to your comic shop nearest home and get the 6 issue miniseries (it took a whole year to be released) because it´s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
4.5 out 5

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