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Crisis in the future

The Story - Logan and Peter, after avoiding a bank robbery, get themselves involved in a timestream mess, first going to the dinossaur age and now, in issue # 2, in a post apocaliptic New York city where the Small Folk are the soul survivors.
Although I must admit this isn´t the typical scenario and plot for them to get into, it´s a very interesting concept developed by Jason Aaron and now some questions are been answered, such as the link between the bank robbery and the "diamonds" with the time stream mayhem, and that explains a lot: Spider-Man's bad luck got them both stuck in this mess, what makes me feel good about having them in this time/space/cosmic plot.
The dialogues are astonishing, both the Logan/Parker conversation in Logan's hideout, as Spider's dialogues with the Small Folk.
The narrative is very consistent, it´s funny to watch Spider trying to have a "normal" life in all this mess, and at the same time struggling to find an answer to the Earth crisis Doom about to unveil.
The Art is amazing, impressive, uncanny, I think Adam Kubert really delivered in this issue, he has evolved in his own style and improved some limitations he´d used to have (one of the best scenes was the inventory, reminded me of Hulk: Future Imperfect and Old Man Logan, really cool).
To me this issue is a solid 4.5 out 5

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