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    Asteroth is a powerful being of pure evil that feeds on order and life.

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    Asteroth is an evil being that creates chaos through feeding on order. Asteroth was imprisoned in a Cosmic Hell, a celestial domain where beings of hate and destruction were exiled. It was Asteroth's own race that placed her there. Stardust used the ability to warp space and open a portal to this domain in order to defeat Beta Ray Bill. In Bill's struggle to escape the pull of the vortex, he freed a something from the realm. This was merely a portion of Asteroth, who easily defeated Stardust and Bill. She then went to gain more power by creating fear and chaos. Not whole, Asteroth started small, by destroying planets. Stardust knew that eventually this would turn into star systems then galaxies and so on. Eventually Asteroth would move from universe to universe, destroying all in her path. Stardust and Bill formed an uneasy alliance to stop her from destroying their universe.

    Stardust attempted to create a black hole in order to trap Asteroth, but she was immune to the gravity and turned it on Stardust and Bill. As they battled with Asteroth, Alpha Ray appeared and helped to push her into the black hole. Or so it seemed. Beta Ray Bill returned to Asgard, only to find it destroyed from Ragnarok. He had planned to find a place here for the remainder of his people, which were all located in a small device known as the Meta-Orb. But out of the Orb came the form of a Korbinite. Asteroth had used the Orb as a lifeboat and claimed to have killed every Korbinite inside. Asteroth was now mortal, giving herself the name Omega Ray. She appeared to have power equal to Bill's, but his fury was unmatched. He was able to destroy her once and for all.


    Asteroth is a Marvel comic book character created by Michael Avon Oeming, Dan Berman and Andrea Divito. The character first appears in Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill #3 released in 2005. The name of Asteroth and many of its variations are common in demonology and as such a reoccurring theme and name in fiction.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fear Itself

    Asteroth can be seen as one of the demons at The Infinite Embassy, more precisely she was at the Devil's Advocacy, inside the Embassy, arguing with the other demons who should be the true Satan.

    Powers and Abilities

    Asteroth was a massive cosmic entity, that had been trapped into a dimension of dark nothingness. A small fractional aspect of it manifested as a humanoid female that possessed incredible degrees of strength, speed, stamina, energy projection and durability, to the extent to enable her to fight a herald of Galactus and the Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill simultaneously. This fraction of power was able to destroy planets as well as feed on planets


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