Character » Astaroth appears in 9 issues.

    A large golem created by a cult that worshipped the God of War. His main task is to find Soul Edge and bring it to his master.

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    He slaughtered Maxi's crew under Nightmare's orders. He is later killed by Maxi himself, but gets resurrected in ''II' by Ares himself. His old master, Kunpaetku, placed a curse upon him in an attempt to recover control over him, but it only made him more prone to berserk rages. Due to this, he sets out to destroy Kunpaetku, who had planned to betray the god and take Soul Edge's power for himself. Astaroth destroyed the whole cult and eventually found Kunpaetku, who revealed that Astaroth was a "failed experiment," and that he was modeled after a human.

    Astaroth tries fighting against the fact that he is based off a human until he encounters Rock, who he realizes is the man he was modeled after. Filled with anger, he attacks Rock and wins the fight. He then realizes that for all of his life, he had been serving someone, or something. He reaches the peak of his rage and sheds his humanoid appearance, becoming the golem that he was meant to be. He vows to use Soul Edge's power to kill Ares once and for all, and then kill everything else afterward.The original Astaroth was slain in a decisive battle with Maxi in IV, and his heart was harvested by Ashlotte and brought back to the cult. During the timeskip, a new sect of the cult lead by Kunpaetku created several new Astaroth-like golems using the heart, one of which appears in V.


    Astaroth was created for use in Soul Calibur comics and video games.


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