Character » Assassin appears in 2 issues.

    A paid assassin and former tomb raider, also a legion enemy in the 31st century

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    So mysterious is she that there isn't even a record of her name. She is a trained assassin skilled in espionage, infiltration, unarmed combat and the use of weapons. For a time she used her skills for the highest bidder. She was so good she was said to never miss a kill. She also for a time was a sklarian raider.
    She was recruited by  Tomar Ro  if ever the need should arise for precision. She was carted off to jail when they were defeated.


    In addition to her already formidable skills her ring allowed her to create a variety of hand to hand weapons, Staffs, nunchaku, swords, daggers etc. 
    The ring also grants her flight and the ability to breath in space unaided.  

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