Character » Assassin appears in 3 issues.

    Created by Apocalypse, fought Namor in a submarine.

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    The Assassin was a mechanical being created with a feminine form by the Mutant Apocalypse when he decided that he needed an agent for espionage work. For sometime, the robot operated in her role until she was called upon by her creator to target the Atlantean Mutant known as Namor. To accomplish her task, she disguised herself as a beautiful Japanese woman called Mimeyoshi where she went to Tokyo to seduce Tsuyoi who was a friend of the Sub-Mariner. Taking him to bed, the Assassin killed Tsuyoi thus allowing her master Apocalypse to take his form in order to lay a trap for Namor. Namor was invited into Tsuyoi's home where the Assassin as Mimeyoshi offered herself to him. He refused but she kissed him that led to a drug being introduced into his body. In anger, the Sub-Mariner struck her only to realise that Mimeyoshi was not human with a battle starting between the two which Namor lost. He was taken to a submarine in order to be converted into Apocalypse's servant but the Sub-Mariner managed to free himself. Whilst Apocalypse escaped, Namor battled the Assassin with the two being evenly matched until the machine activated a self-destruct mechanism. Namor managed to escape whilst the seemingly destroyed Assassin actually survived and was walking the ocean floor.


    Assassin was created by Ron Marz and Chris Hunter in 1993 and first appeared in Namor, The Sub-Mariner Annual # 3.


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