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    Johnathan Drew, Codename: Assassin, is a psychic and highly-trained government operative who clashed with Superman.

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    Jonathan Drew grew up a lonely student and orphan. The only person who ever cared about him was his sister, Maria. As adults, Maria became a trial attorney and set her sights on taking down the mob. Some sources say that she was in bed with the mob, others think that her investigations uncovered too many of their dirty little secrets. Whatever the truth may be, the mob eventually saw her as a threat to their empire and had her killed. The death of his sister, pushed Jonathan Drew beyond the edge of reason. The day after her funeral, he embarked upon the violent lifestyle of a vigilante. Calling himself Codename: Assassin, he pledged himself towards bringing down organized crime and avenging his sister's death.

    A short time later, Drew volunteered for a secret government program designed to increase his effectiveness. After a series of experiments, Jonathan Drew developed the ability to move objects with his mind and read the thoughts of others. His first mission as Codename: Assassin pitted him against two low-key villains known as Powerhouse and the Snake.

    According to his origin, he participated in extrasensory perception studies conducted by a Doctor Andrew Stone at Antioke University. Due to an inexplicable accident, Jonathan developed powers of telepathy and telekinesis which he later used to punish the murderers of his sister Marie.

    According to Ted Knight, who operated as the hero Starman, Drew briefly operated in Opal City in the 70s.


    Project: Cadmus

    For a brief time, Drew served as head of security for Project Cadmus; he was relieved of this position after he murdered former policeman Jim Harper, the first hero to use the mantle of "Guardian," who had discovered that Cadmus was using Harper's DNA to manufacture clones of him.

    The Coming of Atlas

    Jonathan Drew returns to the DC Universe in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #1 (December 2008). This story updates his origin. Apparently, Drew had been an operative of the American Government since his very first outing. Jonathan Drew is seemingly part of a conspiracy directed against Superman and for as yet unknown reasons was responsible for Atlas' attack on Metropolis. Drew was also responsible for the murders of Dr. Stone; the original tissue donors of the Guardian's fellow clones and sidekicks, the Newsboy Legion, and the Cadmus-created psychic being Dubbilex.

    He also attempted to murder Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet photographer, who uncovered the conspiracy. Olsen escaped, though, and tracked down the original clone of Harper, who filled in gaps in the conspiracy story Dubbilex had imparted to the photographer before he died.

    Superman: New Krypton

    Drew plays a significant role as an agent of General Samuel Lane in the multi-title crossover Superman: New Krypton. He is seen with the General when his scientists are experimenting on Brainiac.

    New 52

    Jonathan Drew has yet to appear in the New 52 universe.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jonathan Drew has limited powers of telepathy which allows him to sense emotions, read minds (only surface thoughts), and telekinesis, which allows him to fly, generate force fields, and lift heavy objects through force of mind alone.

    Jonathan is also a skilled marksman, and carries a pair of high tech pistols.


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