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Asrial as a human
Asrial as a human

Asrial is a Salusian (a race of humanoid skunks) princess. She is the first born and next in line to succeed the throne.

The Salusians are part of the ISC (Inter-Stellar Conglomerate). Her father, King Jerka, had devised a plan to keep Earth out of the hands of their rivals, the Zardons. Because Asrial is a girl, he sent her to Earth to marry Jeremy Feeple. Thus making Earth a part of the ISC. To mix in with humans, Asrial had to undergo a transformation to make herself look more human. This left her with the appearance of a very attractive human female, albeit with furry ears to go along with the human ones.


Asrial is the daughter of King Jerka and Queen Shiva. She has two sisters Mylissa and Andromeda.

To the surprise of most fans, (most assumed that it would be Ichi) Asrial eventually ends up marrying Jeremy Feeple. They go on to have a set of twins (among them Kassy) and later a third daughter.


Asrial was created by Ben Dunn, in the Ninja High School #1.

Character Evolution

At first she comes off as a spoiled brat over reliant on technology who only wants to marry Jeremy because she was told to. Over time she comes to genuinely care about him. She even eventually becomes friends with Ichi; her main rival for his affections.

Powers and abilities

In her normal form she is completely covered in fur and has a large tail, (a trait only the females have). She is very strong, able to uproot a tree.


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