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so i recently got all the issues of fathom including volumes 1 and 2, aspen issues 1-3, cannon halke 0, cannon halke: dawn of war 01, cannon halke: beginnings 01, cannon halke: prelude 01, fathom: cannon halke issues 1-5, dawn of war issues 0-3, fathom: kiani issues 0-4, and killian's tide question is what order do i read them in chronologically?

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anyone know?

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idk but november 16, the first volume is being released. with the most complete storyline for aspen ever. over 496 pages and exclusive art by michael

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I just post here if anyone else is interested from the reading order

Fathom v2 Beginnings (Aspen Childhood story)
Fathom v2: Prelude (Aspen childhood story)
Cannon Hawke: Prelude (Cannon's childhood story)
Fathom v1 #½ (Cannon's childhood story)
Killian's Tide #1-4 (Killian's Childhood story)

Killian's Vessel
Fathom V1 #0-14
Aspen #1-3
Cannon Hawke: Beginnings
Dawn of War: Beginnings
Cannon Hawke: Dawn of War
Dawn of War: 0-3
Fathom v2 #00-05
Cannon Hawke #0-5
Fathom v2 #06-11
Kiani #0-4
Fathom v3

Edit: had some mistakes in it fixed them, should be all in order now.


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