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    Asp has the ability to discharge "venom bolts" that can paralyze or even kill someone instantly.

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    Asp was born in Tanta, Egypt. She is a mutant whose generates paralyzing bio-energy blasts. Recruited by Sidewinder, Asp was one of the founding members of the Serpent Society. While in the group she met Black Mamba and Diamondback and the three women became close friends.


    Asp was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary in 1985 and first appeared in Captain America # 310.

    Major Story Arcs

    Alpha Flight

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    When the Mutant Registration Act came about, Asp went to Canada in hopes of avoiding it. Unknowingly under the control of Llan the Sorcerer she battled Alpha Flight and was defeated. After splitting from the Serpent Society Asp, Diamondback and Black Mamba created B.A.D. Girls Inc. Asp and the B.A.D. Girls Inc. had a lot of adventures together fighting Superia and her Femizons with Captain America and Paladin. They also fought Battleaxe, Golddigger, Steel Wind, Sersi, and others. She and her team took the abandoned Serpent Saucer as their headquarters.

    Cable and Deadpool

    Asp and her fellow teammates Diamondback and Black Mamba encountered the superhero duo known as Cable and Deadpool.

    Civil War

    During the Superhuman Civil War, Asp and her team become part of Captain America's Secret Avengers who are opposing the government's Super-Human Registration Act. She fought along with her team in the final battle against the registered heroes. Ending up on the losing side, Asp and the B.A.D. Girls Inc. refused to join the Registration Act when Captain America surrendered, but eventually she and the B.A.D. Girls were captured by the Mighty Avengers Ms Marvel, Black Widow and Wasp in New York.

    Dark Reign

    Following the end of the Skrull Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn became head of national security. Asp and the B.A.D. Girls Inc. become members of the Initiative's new team called the Women Warriors - the superhero team for the state of Delaware.


    Asp and her team joined Norman Osborn, his Dark Avengers and the Initiative members in their attack on Asgard.

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    Asp returned to her life of crime and was shown as part of the new Serpent Society. The team attempted to rob a bank, keeping a number of bound and gagged employees as hostages to keep the cops away. Hope Summers arrived and quickly knocked Asp unconscious by sending her through a wall.

    Powers and Abilities

    Deadly Asp's venom
    Deadly Asp's venom

    Asp's body constantly generates a unique form of paralytic bio-energy that causes rapid paralysis, unconsciousness, and potential death to living beings, similar in effect to the bite of certain venomous snakes. She is able to emit this energy from her hands as lightning-like bolts that she refers to as "venom-bolts". A full-force bolt is powerful enough to kill an adult human, causing an instant collapse of their nervous system, but Asp generally uses her blasts only to incapacitate. Upon reaching its maximum storage capacity, Asp's body releases bio-energy from her skin in minute quantities, making prolonged exposure to her fatal. Firing several "venom-bolts" in rapid succession can deplete Asp's stores of energy, but she can increase the rate at which her body regenerates it by engaging in physical activity that increases her heart rate and metabolism. She has perfected what she calls her "snake dance" to regenerate energy quickly. A dancer by profession, Asp is in excellent physical condition and is extremely flexible and agile.

    Alternate Versions

    Ultimate Asp

    Asp appeared as a member of the all-female Serpent Squad. Along with her team, she battled the Fantastic Four while searching for the Serpent Crown.


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