Asmodeus Jones

    Character » Asmodeus Jones appears in 3 issues.

    Aspiring singer who makes a deal with a demon for fame.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Unsuccessful singer Ozzie Palmer wants to be a big devil-rock singer, but doesn't have a lot of talent. His brother, Felix Palmer, makes a deal with the demon Fashima. Fashima will give Ozzie success and the brothers will help Fashima come to Earth and turn their audience into slaves.

    Ozzie takes on the stage name of Asmodeus Jones, and rapidly becomes famous. They start to bring Fashima partially into our reality during their concerts, and drain psychic energy from the crowds.

    However, Johnny Blaze is one of the roadies, and gets suspicious. Simultaneously, Dr. Strange and the Defenders are investigating the Six-Fingered Hand, a cult of demons including Fashima. They find out about Jones's plan, and stop him at the final concert where he is trying to bring Fashima to our reality.

    Jones survives, but Fashima takes Palmer as a sacrifice for their failure.


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