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    Asmodel was one of the four most respected angels in Heaven. However, he rebelled against Heaven and became a servant of Neron.

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    The renegade King-Angel of the Bull Host.

    Of heaven's four Angel Hosts in the Pax Dei, the Cherubim Alpha Batallion of Asmodel far surpasses the Eagle, Lion, and Human Seraphim in hubris and militancy. Asmodel himself is ten feet tall, with a gaze that can sear flesh from bone and whose blood is the universal solvent. One beat of his heart is as thunderous as a thousand atomic bombs.

    Asmodel was once a greatly respected Angel in Heaven. Much like how Zauriel represents the Hawk, Asmodel represents the Bull. However, he was secretly planning a rebellion in Heaven and had allied himself with the demon Neron. Zauriel's abdication forced Asmodel to send angels to the mortal plane to kill him. Soon after his army invaded the skies of San Francisco but were defeated by the Justice League. Asmodel is currently a servant of Neron.

    Day of Judgement

    After trying to take over heaven, Asmodel is put in hell and is tortured by Neron. The Spectre is waiting for another soul to bond with, and the rhyming demon Etrigan makes Asmodel the offer, that the angel will be the Spectre´s next anchor. After Asmodel is killed by the Spectre, Etrigan uses his ashes to merge Asmodel with the Spirit of Vengeance. Powered again, Asmodel gets his vengeance on Neron by turning him into glass. He then summons all of hell and attempts to have his vengeance by destroying everything in God's image, until there is only his. On earth, some of the heroes try to stop him but their first attempt is futile and they are easily overpowered. The next attempt to stop him comes from the  Sentinels of Magic . They are able to temporarily steal a portion of Asmodel's power and store it in a crystal ball. Weakened, Asmodel sends the demons of hell to try and break the crystal ball, so as to regain his powers. Although powerless, Asmodel is still able to silence the Phantom Stranger. When Etrigan tries to take the ball, Madame Xanadu claims to have seen the future and breaks the crystal ball willingly. With his powers restored, Asmodel continues on his rampage. Hal Jordan attempts to stop him but is seemingly powerless against Asmodel and is turned into stained glass. Hal Jordan is revived by Dr. Fate and, along with the Sentinels of Magic, summons the Green Lantern Corps, who hold Asmodel off for a while. Captain Marvel then uses the Spear of Destiny to weaken the Spectre. Hal Jordan and Neron attempt to merge with the Spectre. A fight between Asmodel, Neron, and Hal ensues. They are stopped by the Spirit of Vengeance who decides to judge them and pick the best host. It chooses Hal Jordan who becomes the new host for the Spectre.

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