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    Askin Nakk Le Vaar is Stern Ritter D of the Vandenreich.

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    Askin Nakk Le Vaar (アスキン・ナックルヴァール, Asukin Nakku Ru Vāru) is an antagonist of the BLEACH series that was created by Tite Kubo, It first began serialization Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2001. He was first introduced during the The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc that began in Volume 55.

    He first appeared in BLEACH Volume 56 CH. 494 "THE CLOSING CHAPTER PART ONE".

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    Askin first appears at the Vandenreich headquarters following Yhwach's announcement that Uryū Ishida is to become his successor. Askin interrupts the argument between Bazz-B and Haschwalth, berating Bazz-B on having a public fight when Yhwach openly detests his subordinates quarreling in public.

    Powers & Abilities


    Askin's Schrift is 'D - The Deathdealing.' The ability that this grants Askin is the manipulation of 'lethal doses.' Askin can perfectly calculate the absolute lethal dose (the amount that will cause guaranteed death) of anything he consumes, and lower or raise the tolerance a person has to that substance as he sees fit. As an example, after consuming copious amounts of blood, he was able to raise his own lethal dose to survive after having his throat slit, as well as lower another persons, so that their own blood became toxic to them.

    Another use of this power that Askin showcased was the ability to become immune to another persons attacks. Askin was able to accomplish this through being hit by large amounts of his opponents Reiatsu, at which point he would become familiar enough with it to be able to raise his own lethal dosage to his opponents Reiatsu way past what they could possibly put out, causing his opponents attacks to become minor nuisances at best, even if those attacks were powerful enough to wipe out several city blocks. What's truly terrifying about this ability though is how fast Askin can acquire this immunity. After being hit with an attack, he instinctively analyses his opponents Reiatsu, and is able to develop an immunity mere seconds after being hit with the attack. He can also develop and apply his immunity to physical blows as well, on top of energy attacks.

    The last use of his Deathdealing prior to his transformation are his Gift abilities; Gift Ball (Poison Ball), and Gift Bad (Poison Bath). These abilities both work in similar ways, allowing Askin to lower the resistance of anyone who comes into contact with the Gift's. Gift Ball is a slow moving ball which Askin hurls at opponents. Its effect was strong enough to instantly collapse after simply touching it. If someone touches the ball, depending on what Askin chooses, he can change the resistance of multiple substances at once; Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Reishi, as an example. Gift Bad works in a similar way, only instead of a thrown ball, it opens a dark area on the floor in front of Askin, with opponents suffering the effects if they walk into the area. Askin used this ability to casually defeat Ichigo Kurosaki.

    Quincy: Vollständig

    Askin's Quincy: Vollständig is called Hasshein ('God's Poison Taster'). This transformation greatly amplifies his Deathdealing abilities. Typically, Askin cannot adapt to changes in the original substance, so if the substance does undergo a change, Askin will likely be forced to relearn the 'new' substance in order to manipulate it again. However, in this form, his Deathdealing adapts to changes in the original substance automatically, so long as the 'base' of the substance remains consistent. With this, he can keep an immunity to an opponent, even if they undergo many different changes in the composition of their Reishi, even if before he could not.

    In this form, Askin can create a massively amplified version of the Gift Ball, called 'Gift Ball Deluxe.' this ability allows Askin to create a Gift Ball that spans several city blocks in length and height, and like the original Gift Ball, anyone caught within it has their resistances to anything Askin wishes lowered to whatever level he wishes them to be lowered too. This ability combines with another, called 'Gift Bereich.' This ability creates many interconnected lights around the Gift Ball, and Askin claims that it makes it 'impossible' to escape Gift Ball Deluxe due to this ability. However, it is still possible to enter the Gift Ball whilst Gift Bereich is active, as seen when Grimmjow snuck inside it.

    Even upon his death, the Gift Ball Deluxe does not go away, instead, the effects of the Ball are amplified to a massive extent, causing an almost guaranteed death to those still trapped inside.

    Physical Abilities

    On top of his Deathdealing abilities, Askin is also possesses greatly amplified physical abilities. He is fast enough to fight against Yoruichi, even when the latter is in her Thunder God form. He is also extremely durable, being able to withstand Yoruichi's Raijin Senkei attack with only moderate injury. On top of this, he can channel The Deathdealing through physical contact, so he can inflict massive damage with only light punches.

    He also possesses an extremely high degree of pain tolerance, being able to have a normal conversation even after his heart had been ripped out of his chest.

    Apart from this, he possesses all of the normal abilities that a Quincy typically has.


    If a substance Askin is familiar with undergoes a change, Askin may be forced to relearn the substance in order to manipulate it again. This is how Yoruichi in her Thunder God form was able to get around Askin's Deathdealing. However, this weakness is completely nullified once Askin activates his Vollständig.

    Kisuke has also developed a special serum which counteracts the effects of The Deathdealing. However, by Kisuke's own admission, it is incomplete, so the effects only last for 5 minutes, and does not allow the user to completely recover from The Deathdealing's effects.

    Other Media


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