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Asia Argento is a Nun/Sister Issei meet when strolling in town. She is an innocent and caring individual, always thinking of others before herself. She wields the divine sacred gear Twilight Healing which ca heal any injuries. She was excommunicated from the Church when they found out the she can also heal Devils and Fallen Angels.


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Around 15-16 years of age, Asia has long blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair flows all the way down to her back, with split bangs over her forehead and a single strand sticking out from the top, sloping backwards. Her main outfit consists of a dark teal nun outfit with light blue accents, a white veil over her head with light blue accents, a brown satchel slung on her right hip (where she holds her Bible), and brown boots with black straps in an X-shaped pattern. She also wears a silver cross necklace around her neck (she was later forced to remove it after becoming a Devil). Out of all the girls of the Occult Research Club, in terms of breast size, her breasts appear to be among the more "modest".

Upon transferring to Kuoh Academy, she wears the Kuoh Academy girls' uniform, albeit with a black sweater vest over her dress shirt in place of the cape and corset.


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Asia is extremely innocent and fairly inexperienced in socializing and somewhat naive in the ways of the world. Even after being reincarnated as a Devil, Asia still believes in God and follows His teachings such as praying and reading the Bible, which would usually result in her getting severe headaches. Asia was also in deep shock when she learned that the God of the Bible was dead during the Kokabiel Incident.

Power and Abilities

Twilight Healing

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The Sacred Gear Twilight Healing allows Asia to heal humans, Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels alike. Asia herself shows no actual fighting technique, and mostly relies on her healing abilities. She can send the healing powers of Twilight Healing in a form of a projectile, but it is slightly inferior to her direct touch.

Generic Devil Powers

Her power that came from her from being turned into a Devil, though she does not use it.

  • Super Human Strength and Endurance
  • Enhance Senses
  • "Language" - ability to talk with any sentient being.

Story Arcs

The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening

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Asia first appeared as a Nun/Sister under the Fallen Angel Raynare, she summoned Asia with a plot to steal her Sacread Gear, Twilight Healing. Raynare succeeded in removing her Sacred Gear resulting in her untimely death, Rias revives her as a Devil under her as her Bishop. After the incident with Raynare, she stayed awhile in the Occult Research Club's Club House then moved to the Hyoudou Household afterwards. Asia also transferred to Kuoh Acadamy as a student and assigned in Issei's class.

After her move, she later goes to a mountain to train in preparation of the Rating Game between her master and her Riser Phenex. During the Rating Game, she stayed back at the headquarters with Rias due to her lack of combat abilities. She accompanies Rias when she goes to the enemy's headquarters, healing Rias while she is fighting Riser but gets knocked out by the shock of an attack of Riser's Queen with Issei shielding her. After Rias resigns from the match following Issei's defeat by Riser's hands, Asia spent 2 days trying to heal Issei but to no avail and was happy when he woke up. When Issei heads to the Underworld to rescue Rias, Asia wanted to follow him but was stopped by Issei. Asia, however makes Issei promise her that he will win and bring Rias back with him.


  • A recurring joke in High School DXD, is when Asia and Xenovia's habit of praying and thanking God resulting in a headache.
  • Asia is the only female in the series in which Issei always makes sure that his lechery is in check.

Media Appearance

Video Games

High School DXD 3DS "Erotic Battle Adventure Game"

High School DXD Card Game

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