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Student Council

The student council is the student-run organization which presides over school events, ceremonies, other student activities, and the overall budget for clubs. The council has its own, rather spacious club house at the Academy. The Ashford Family allows Lelouch vi Britannia, under the alias Lelouch Lamperouge, and his sister, Nunnally, to live in the clubhouse. The principle and council president, Milly Ashford, are the only ones at the school who know about their royal status, and agreed to keep the secret.

The primary members, prior to the first appearance of the Black Knights, are:

  • Milly Ashford - President
  • Lelouch Lamperouge - Vice-President
  • Rivalz Cardemonde - Secretary
  • Shirley Fenette
  • Nina Einstein
  • Nunnally Lamperouge - Honorary member

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