Character » Ashema appears in 13 issues.

    Ashema the Listener is the younger sister of The Dreaming Celestial and was a major player in the Heroes Reborn series.

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    Ashema and Franklin Richards

    At the time that Ashema revealed herself to Franklin Richards he believed that his parents and the other heroes had died at the hands of the psionic entity Onslaught. She explained to Franklin that he subconsciously sent them to an alternate world he had created called Counter-Earth. Ashema gave Franklin a choice: One of the planets must die. Franklin committed suicide in order to escape his fate but was instantly resurrected by Ashema. 
    They both of them agreed that the two planets would live, but that the heroes sent to the world Franklin had created must return home. Ashema later asked Franklin to become a Celestial but he refused. After the encounter with Franklin Richards she grew to love Humanity. Sacrificing her God-like powers to save them from total annihilation at the hands of her peers. She would later regain her powers in order to fight her older brother Tiamut the Communicator, when he used Counter-Earth as a means of escaping his imprisonment.


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