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Ashake is the leader of the people of Meroe, a clan of Female Warriors.


Ashake first appeared in the pages of Epic illustrated issue #12 in 1982. Marada was Created by Chris Claremont and John Bolton. Ashake was created as a rival to Marada (A character thinly designed after Red Sonja) And seems to be loosely based off of Zula, a similar character in the Conan series. Though Zula appears as a Female in the movie "Conan the Destroyer" Zula is a Male in the Series conan.


The royal hunt

Ashake is depicted as the royal monarch of a tribe of female warriors known as the candances. She rescues a female warrior by the name of Marada the she wolf, and her "Cub" Ari from a band of marauders.

Ashake rescues fallen warriors
Ashake rescues fallen warriors

When Marada and Ari fall in battle, Ashake fights off the band of marauders and and brings them to her palace where her healers revive them. A dinner is hosted in their honor, at which point Ashake tell them that to earn their freedom they must participate in the "Royal hunt," a game in which Ashake herself hunts them through the perilous wilderness. Marada asks what might happen were she to refuse to participate, to which Ashake says "There will be no refusal. Your pride won't allow it." Marada grins and accepts the challenge.

The following morning Marada and Ari are given two hours before Ashake takes to their pursuit. They have no weapons. Ashake takes after them armed with a sword, a dagger and a bow and Arrows. Ashake displays exceptional skills and marksman ship as an archer, as she uses her

Ashake during the hunt
Ashake during the hunt

arrows to herd them into a corner. Ari the less experienced warrior is frightened and runs, while Marada tries to lead Ashake off.

Marada hid and waited for Ashake before pouncing on her taking her dagger. Ashake drew her sword and the two engaged in a battle in which the upper hand continued to shift from one warrior to the other. Ashake is thrilled with the challenge to which Marada asked "Have any of your prey ever escaped" to which Ashake said "Never."

The battle is cut short with the appearance of the band of marauders that had earlier attacked Marada and Ari, no holding Ari hostage.

Ashake and Marada join forces and battle the band of marauders. Ashake strikes the finishing blow on the leader of the notorious band of marauders, when her followers come to her aid. Ashake allows Marada and Ari their freedom but extends the invitation for them to stay at her palace and join her candance. They respectfully decline but accept a lifelong friendship.

Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership: Ashake is the Queen of the Meroe, a powerful nation of proud warriors, as well as the leader of her own army and royal guard known as the sacred spears.
  • Peak-Level Athlete: Ashake has the maximum strength of a human female without being considered superhuman.
  • Peak-level speed: Ashake can run faster than the finest human athlete without reaching superhuman speed.
  • Peak-level reflexes: Ashake has very deadly reflexes, instincts and reaction time.
  • Weapon Master: Marada is a virtually unparalleled sword-master of her era, having fought and defeated nearly all who have stood against her with the exception of Marada she has never been bested. Though the spear is Ashake's weapon of choice she is equally as skilled with other weapons and can gain expertise with unfamiliar ones with minimal training. She is an accomplished archer and demonstrates remarkable accuracy with any distance weapon.
  • Unarmed Combat: Ashake has mastered the martial arts disciplines of her era and is a deadly fighter even without any weapons, Including demons and monsters.
  • Tracking: Ashake is an exceptional tracker and huntress.
  • Stealth: Ashake possesses catlike grace and can move about in near-silence in order to avoid detection, making good use of shadows and any other available cover. She is also highly skilled at disguise, camouflage, and infiltration.
  • Other Abilities: Ashake's diverse physical skills include swimming, climbing, acrobatics, and escape artistry. She is an expert horseback rider and an accomplished sailor. Ashake is highly intelligent and resourceful, and possesses a keen understanding of warfare and battle strategy. Her charisma makes her a natural leader true to her title as the Lioness

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