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    Lieutenant Asha Del-Nar is a lieutenant in the Kryptonian Military Guild of New Krypton. She serves as the second-in-command to Superman in the Red Shard unit.

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    Asha Del-Nar was one of the residents of Kandor who was abducted along with the city by Brainiac in the days before Krypton's destruction. She came from a long line of Kryptonians in the Military Guild, but at this time, she was a writer in the Artist's Guild. Whatever reasons she had for making that life decision apparently fell by the wayside because of Brainiac. After being taken, she enlisted in the Military Guild.

    Serving in the military, Asha became a good officer but not a notable one. She reached the rank of lieutenant and was assigned to lead the Red Shard unit, a unit devoted to civil defense. She continued as unit commander through Kandor's liberation and its resettlement on New Krypton.

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    When Superman came to New Krypton and joined the Military Guild, he was assigned to command Red Shard and Asha became his second-in-command. A bond of trust developed between them early on, after Superman helped her through an encounter with a head of Thought-Beasts that were preying on her fear of Brainiac. After that, she proved her loyalty was more to Superman than to their superiors in the MIlitary Guild, namely General Zod. She disobeyed a direct order from General Zod to execute rather than capture a Phantom Zone criminal, choosing instead to follow Superman's capture-only order. For doing this, both she and Superman were arrested under the charge of treason.

    Asha stood by Superman and even attempted to take sole responsbility during the trial for not executing the criminal Val-Ty. Superman would not allow her to do this, though. To prevent it, he said that he had prevented her from carrying out General Zod's order. It was a confession that allowed Asha to be cleared of all charges, but it was also what General Zod used to complete his case against Superman.

    After being cleared of treason, Asha was reinstated to Red Shard, and she soon became Superman's second-in-command once again after he was absolved of his crime by the Religious Guild.

    Powers & Abilities

    Military Training

    As a member of the Kryptonian Military Guild, she received extensive training in the use of weapons, applicable technology, hand to hand combat, strategy, and survival techniques.

    Kryptonian Physiology

    Asha's abilities are much like Superman's, having all of his powers and weaknesses. Like Clark, she can fly, move at superhuman speed, fire beams of heat from her eyes, see, smell and hear better than a human, and project a breath of arctic wind from her mouth. Her durability is at a superhuman level, making her virtually invulnerable to all forms of harm. As a member of the Kryptonian Military Guild, Asha is a well capable markswoman and skilled at using weapons.

    • Flight: Can defy gravity and fly under her own power, even through outer space.
    • Super Strength: Has great strength. Can lift more than 1,000,000 tons.
    • Super Speed: Can travel great distances in an instant. Able to move nearly as fast as The Flash.
    • Super Hearing: Can hear any sound at any volume or pitch and filer out and focus in on specific voices even in a crowded city.
    • Endurance: Doesn't need to sleep, eat, or drink, can survive in outer space, and can maintain psychical exertion for very long periods of time without tiring.
    • Heat Vision: Can fire rays of extreme heat and power from her eyes.
    • X-Ray Vision: Can see through anything except lead.
    • Telescopic Vision: Can focus her vision down to the microscopic level, or extend it out and focus it on objects far, far away.
    • Super Breath: Can create whirlwinds by forcefully exhaling, or freeze objects or opponents by blowing freezing cold air at them (a.k.a. ice breath).
    • Durability: Nearly impervious to any harm. Though can be hurt by beings with equal or greater power than her own, by magic, or by Kryptonite.
    • Longevity: Ages much slower, though is not truly immortal.
    • Healing: Can heal rapidly from injury.
    • Photographic Memory: Can read at high speeds and remember every detail, as well as remember anything she's experienced with perfect clarity.

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