Take A Bite Out Of Army Of Darkness This February

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Your chance to devour  Army Of Darkness is coming.  The first ever Army Of Darkness Omnibus is now available for order through Diamond Previews.  Talk to your local comic shop if you're interested.
S-Mart worker, horror hero and professional zombie killer Ash Williams is back in over 450 pages of Dynamite's Army of Darkness written the Andy Hartnell (Danger Girl), James Kuhoric (Freddy Vs. Ash. Vs. Jason), Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and many more!
Follow Ash through the first 18 issues of the acclaimed series with story arcs "Ashes To Ashes," picking up at the end of the original Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi films where Ash must insure his past self's destiny; The Necronomicon has it in for Ash's old boss and customers - and only Ash can rally them in "Shop till You Drop (Dead)"; Ash gets thrown in the loony bin of Arkham Asylum and crosses over with H.P. Lovecraft's "Herbert West - Reanimator" for a throw-down of mythic proportions in "Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator"; and Ash's attempt to destroy the source of the Deadite plague once and for all in "Old School".  Also included are short stories from the "Tales of the Army of Darkness" and a complete cover gallery.
As a special thanks to retailers, Dynamite is offering for every 3 copies of the omnibus ordered they will receive 3 free rare limited edition Army Of Darkness variant covers at no extra cost.  The book us due in February and will have a retail price of $29.99 for 488 pages.
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Nice. Better tell my brother about this. He is a HUGE ED/AOD fan.

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I can't wait for this. 

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I have to get this!
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This reminds me to buy the movies ASAP!

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