Asato Kido

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    Asato Kido is a character from the manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Kido is a student at Yusuke's school. When Sensui opened a portal to demon world he gained the ability to control shadows.

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    Kido is a junior high student from Mushiyori Ciy who develops mysterious psychic powers alongside his two friends Mitsunari Yanagisawa and Yu Kaito,after Sensui begins opening up a portal connecting their city to Demon World.Following Kaito losing his own soul inside his own territory the three seek out legendary psychic Genkai, who seeing the coming problem decides to use the three in a lesson for Yusuke,Kuwabara,Kurama and Hiei.The three quickly kidnap Yusuke, who believing them to be three humans holds back and is surprised when Kido manages to grab him with his shadow, and lead him to an old mansion while his friends and Botan attempt to rescue him. Following the group successfully completing the challenge, and being filled in by Genkai the three agree to join with Yusuke to save their city. He is then part of a group alongside Yana,Yusuke and Genkai who begins searching the city for the portal and is dragged into battle with members of the Sensui Seven.Along the way they meet fellow psychic Murotta who is critically injured by Sensui Seven member Sniper, forcing them to the city's hospital,after which Murota and Yana are infected by Doctor, forcing him to split up from the others to find a nurse to identify which doctors aren't supposed to be there.

    He quickly finds a nurse, but also Doctor as well who quickly uses his psychic scalpel to leave him completely paralyzed and unable to speak.He then begins to torture Kido with his psychic scalpel, until being discovered by another nurse forces him to act as a doctor as an influx of doctors,nurses, and onlookers arrive including Yusuke. Upon arriving he finds Kido unable to warn him which doctor is the fake, but through his willpower Kido manages to manipulate his own shadow and spell out the Doctor's name before passing out from blood loss and exhaustion. After the defeat of the Doctor he is confined to the hospital as he recovers, missing out on the final battle against Sensui and his remaining followers.After the tunnel's closure he goes on to live a normal life, after Genkai warns him to never use his powers again outside of life and death situations.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kido's powers in the ability to manipulate shadows, if he were to stomp an opponent's shadow they become immobilized and completely unable to move. He also demonstrated the ability to manipulate a name with his own shadow while his body was paralyzed, but this was a great strain.


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