Asami Sato

    Character » Asami Sato appears in 14 issues.

    The child of wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato, Asami would eventually become involved with the new Avatar Korra and her friends through Mako. Asami is also a member of Team Avatar.

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    Personal History

    Asami's childhood was marked with tragedy early on. At the age of six her family was the victim of a break in/robbery by the notorious Republic City gang, Agni Kai Triad, that costed her mother death. This event was the contributing factor to her Father's resentment of Benders and his involvement with the Equalist movement. Asami's connection to Korra stemmed from her romantic relationship with Korra's friend and early love interest, Mako. Initially, she and Korra had tension, but this later evolved into a sisterly bond. Further still, they eventually became same sex partners.

    Physical Traits

    Seeing as the series of Legend of Korra spans roughly a four year period, Asami's appearance went through some changes, but the overall design remain the same. Nineteen at the start of the series (twenty two at the end) Asami was an attractive young woman with long raven black hair, green eyes and Asian features. Her trademark black and red outfit was more militant inspired but became more business like as the series went on.


    Regarded as sweet, charming and caring Asmai can be tough and independent when the time call for it. Despite her upbringing she was quite modest and humble and unlike her father, she held no ill feelings towards benders for her mothers passing.

    Skills, Abilities and Gear

    While not a bender, Asmai is not helpless when the chips are down. Trained in martial arts since her mother's death, she very nimble and athletic. Her go to weapon is the electrified stun glove. She is also a talented driver has access to huge amounts of money and resources.


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