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Along with the western hero Blueberry, Arzach is one of the most recognizable characters created by French comic visionary Moebius.  He's starred in several short, but very influential comics with little to no dialogue. Whether Arzach is a human or not has never been apparent, as it was always up to the reader to figure that out for him/herself. Arzach is usually seen on the back of a pterodactyl like creature, traversing through surreal landscapes, battling formidable alien monsters, and completing technological tasks.  Every story that the character has appeared in, his named has been spelled different ways such as Arzach, Harzakc, and Arzak for unknown reasons, possibly used to signify that they're different reincarnations of the same character.

Arzach first appeared in Moebius' magazine, Metal Hurlant, co-founded with a few other french comic artists where there were no restrictions on the imagination and level of adult content. Metal Hurlant would later be known as Heavy Metal in the U.S. 

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