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    Aryan is a white supremacist enemy of Wolverine and his son Daken

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    Aryan is the leader of the Skulls which are a white supremacist prison gang inside the Cage which is a facility that incarcerates super criminals. Aryan is a real scumbag and his gang worships the Red Skull like a messiah. Wolverine and Hank McCoy are locked up in the Cage when they are arrested for murdering a state senator. Their powers are nullified in the Cage because of a shield dampener that surrounds the facility. A bounty is placed on both of them and all the criminal factions in the Cage wants their heads. Wolverine, McCoy and Peepers are having lunch in the mess hall when Wolverine receives a note from an anonymous individual. Wolverine looks around the hall to see who dropped off the note and Aryan accuses the mutant of staring him down. Aryan and the Skulls front Wolverine and a fight ensues when Aryan pushes Peeper's face into his food. The fight is broken up by the prison guards and Wolverine is placed into solitary confinement.  


    Aryan was created by Frank Tieri and Sean Chen in 2001 and first appeared in Wolverine # 164.

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