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    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 488

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    The muscle bound Arx was an ambitious and driven Green Lantern who was recently recruited to the Green Lantern Corps following the reformation.

    Arx is a twin, born on the world Thorr'g. He is extremely competitive, particularly with his twin brother. Arx was extremely happy to be chosen to join the Corps and viewed his induction as a "victory" over his brother who was not extended the same honor.

    Arx excelled in his Lantern training due in part to his competitive nature. Arx still needs to work on his ability to function in a unit as his aggressiveness has not been entirely well received by his fellow Lanterns.

    Arx was one of the Green Lanterns sent to accompany Sinestro as he was transported to Korugar to stand trial for his numerous crimes. Annoyed at the level of power allocated to Sinestro, Arx suggested that the Lanterns simply put a beam through his head and be done with it. Ever cool, Sinestro taunted Arx claiming he knew what the Lantern feared. Moments later, Arx' head was blown off by a Sinestro Corps soldier as the fear corps mounted an ambush to rescue their leader.

    Like all fallen Lanterns, Arx will be memorialized in the Crypts of Oa.

    Blackest Night

    During the Blackest Night, Arx along many other fallen Lanterns was raised by a black power ring and became a Black Lantern.

    Powers And Abilities

    As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, he wields a green power ring with all the associated powers and limitations.


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