Arvin Halliday

    Character » Arvin Halliday appears in 9 issues.

    Owner of Halliday Worldwide and Durlan Agent

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    Early History

    The hero Inferno hunted down Arvin Halliday believing that Halliday had answers to his past. Upon conducting a full frontal assault on his headquarters, Inferno came into conflict with Halliday's bodyguard/operative The Comet. After a brief confrontation and help from the U.S Military, Halliday explained to The Inferno that he was willing to help him piece out his history and become an ally and worker of his alongside The Comet. General Latham of the Military then spoke to Inferno and asked him to be an inside agent to take down Halliday. Inferno accepted and thus began his career working for Halliday.

    Mighty Crusaders

    Arvin Halliday has been exposed as being a Durlan Agent on earth looking to stop an opposing Durlan faction from getting their "hands" on original samples of their Durlan Ancestors.
    In the end Halliday and his forces entered the box where they ended up in a pocket dimension. There he blackmailed The Eraser into guiding him. In the end he and his Durlan faction failed and remained trapped in a part of the Box

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