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    Aruna was one of many of the international heroes introduced during DC's year 2000 "Planet DC" themed annuals. She is a shape-shifter who works as a stunt-person in the Indian film industry. She helped Batgirl and Batman on a mission once, and subsequently decided to become a hero herself.

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    The ever mysterious Aruna Shende
    The ever mysterious Aruna Shende

    Aruna Shende is a shape-shifter who works in the Indian film-industry as a stunt-person. Shende was born a shape-shifter, so her parents never knew what gender their child truly was. Shende and his/her parents lived in the slums of Madras, India.

    One day, Shende's parents were kidnapped by mysterious men, and never seen again. Devastated, Shende traveled around using her powers to steal food and make a living. A man Shende once worked for named her "Aruna" (named after the "Charioteer of the Sun" in Hindu Mythology), and Shende kept the name. Meantime, she was gaining a reputation in the Indian film industry as an actor and stunt person and eventually became one of the top stunt-people in India.


    Aruna as India's newest super-hero
    Aruna as India's newest super-hero

    A young Indian actor was kidnapped in Gotham City for unknown reasons, so Batman and Batgirl teamed up and traveled to Mumbai (the home of Bollywood) in order to solve the mystery.

    There, they meet Aruna Shende, a meta-human stunt-woman who also happens to be in search of the boy.

    It is later revealed that the boy was murdered by his agent due to the fact that he came from a Dalit family (a group of people that have a reputation for being unsuitable to make personal relationships).

    After helping Batman and Batgirl, Aruna found herself wanting to help others, and vowed to use her powers to make a difference in her own country.

    Personal Information

    • First Appearance: Batgirl Annual #1 (2000)
    • Status: Hero
    • Civilian Name: Unknown
    • Occupation: Stuntwoman
    • Base: Madrass, India
    • Height: 6 feet 10 inches
    • Weight: 152 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black

    Powers and Abilities

    Aruna is a shape-shifter, and can perfectly imitate other people, but not change her mass. Being a stunt-person, she is trained in martial arts and works as a stunt double.

    Aruna Shende's shape-shifting ability in action
    Aruna Shende's shape-shifting ability in action


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