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After receiving special powers after the exposure to radiation for a nuclear central breakdown in Russia, Piotr Abramov, alongsite with many others, have been imprisoned into "La Cittadella degli Speciali" [The Citadel of Specials], a City Sized prison in Siberia, where the Soviet Government, using the special department "La Divisione" start to study them.

While in prison, he meet both Andreji and Yelena, becoming a friend of both. Due to his powers, he was soon considerated one of the most dangerous of the Specials, and keeped under special security.

Piotr is able to take full controll of the mind of a person. His special abilities require he make a grip with his right and [only his right hand] on the victim, so his codename became "Artiglio", "Claw". Once he gets his claw on a person, he gain full controll of his brain even after leaving the grip: the victim may act normally but always under mental control of Artiglio, even at great distance. The link between Artiglio and a victim may be broken only hurting the Special, or if he chose another victim. However, as for any others Special, this power have a phisycal drawback, and the legs of Priot start to lose strenght, till Artiglio is forced to use a wheelchair.

With the crumble of the Sovient in Russia, the Specials rebels, and Artiglio, thanks to the aid of Andreji and many others such as Libellula and Elastica, take control of he City of Specials and proclaim himself new leader of the La Divisione. However, his first task become to pursuit who dosen't share his goal, such as Andreji, Yelena and Gavriil.

Years later, Artiglio reapear in Trieste, guiding a pack of soldier of La Divisione, and trying to find the two child of Andreji and Yelena, but having no real clue on their appearance, using mind-controlled people he start to kidnap teen that may have specials talents. One of them was Stella Morrison, a young girl with great atletique and intelligent skills, for which Michele Silenzi [the real son of Andreji and Yelena] had fallen in love.

During the final confrontation, Artiglio seems to die in the explosion of his submarine. However, after his dead, is showed that he was no longer the head of La Divisione, having lost the leadership years ago in favor of Yelena itself


The Character have been created by Gabriele Salvatores, Film Director, while Diego Cajelli is the writer of the comic.


Artiglio is played by french actor Vernon Dobtcheff


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