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Artifacts #33 Review

I was very impressed with the writing of this issue and Kenny Porter did a brilliant job. Porter produced a brilliant tone throughout this issue, building up some great tension and suspense. He’d also add some outstanding emotion as well, with there being a lot of depth to the characters. The only minor negativity that I give to this story is that it would have probably have been better over a couple of issues, feeling rather too quick paced. In saying that given the fact that Porter was given only one issue to tell this story he did an amazing job with it.

The artwork on this issue was simply phenomenal and -Rom- has proven herself as a great talent for the future, being one of the best new talents that comics has seen over the last decade. The detail in her art is simply outstanding with it being extremely consistent throughout. I also loved the suspense and tone that -Rom- added to her art, with the overall atmosphere being perfect next to Porter’s script. On top of that the fact she produces her own painted colours makes her stand out even more, with the colours itself adding much more tone and depth. The only complaint I have is that in the printed version the colours are slightly dull and after seeing some high resolution pictures that -Rom- supplied during the interview I did with her, I was slightly disappointed with the printed version.

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