pspin's Artifacts #27 - Truths & Destinies, Part 1 review

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Artifacts #27 Review

Artifacts #27 Review


Tom Judge teams up with the Magdalena to find the Glacier Stone.

The Good:

The story here is solid. It gives a brief overview of the Magdalena and then dives into the mystery. Honestly there is nothing groundbreaking about the story but it is a solid well written one that is entertaining. The best part about it is seeing someone different interact with Tom Judge who also knows about the supernatural and doesn’t really put up with his evasiveness.

Ron Marz continues to deliver great writing with this issue. While it is not his best, it is a solid entertaining story that is very serious in tone.

The art is Marco Turini who has a much more cartoony style than the super realistic Sejic. It is stille good though and it is nice for a change.

The Bad:

The story is a little flat, it is entertaining but compared to the rest of the series, it is a bit underwhelming for the formal introduction of an Artifact Bearer and a half. There is simply a lot of dialogue that is not very engaging and not enough action to make the story pop like some of the other issues have.

Mostly stemming from my lack of familiarity with the character, the Magdalena seemed a bit like a cut out character. This was her first real issue but still, it felt like anyone could have replaced her and gotten the job done. But this series is not about her so it is not the end of the world.


A solid issue is delivered by Marz and Turini. It is a little underwhelming from how great the series usually is but it is still entertaining. This issue also serves as a decent jumping on point for new readers.

3 (3.5) out of 5

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