pspin's Artifacts #26 - Progeny, Part 4 review

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Artifacts #26 Review

Artifacts #26 Review


Progeny comes to a close as Tom and the gang attack the Estacado family.

The Good:

The story is alright and is a direct continuation of the Progeny storyline from The Darkness #111. By extension it also holds a lot of the same pitfalls as well. The story itself is pretty good, seeing several Artifact bearers come together is cool but the results are mixed.

Ron Marz writes the issue and does a good job. It isn’t his best on the series but it does keep the story flowing at a good pace.

Marco Turini draws the issue and his art is a big departure from the normal but it isn’t bad. While there are a few choppy panel transitions, it is overall pretty good, especially when combined with Andy Troy’s colors.

The Bad:

This whole story has not made that much sense to me. I have read every issue and there is something that has been very choppy about it. I read Artifacts monthly and Witchblade in trade but not the Darkness and it led to some confusion. I don’t know why Jackie’s wife acts like a child and his daughter acts like a demon, nor are Sara’s motivations for randomly stepping in after being uninterested made clear; and it is things like that that really bring this issue down. The overall concept of the story is good and gives the series direction but the execution left something to be desired, especially when this book has been one of the best every month.


In the same vein as the last issue, this is a bit of a dip in quality. That doesn’t mean that it is bad so much as it is not as good some of the previous issues. There is a lot of jumpy panels with the new art but it is a nice change of pace. Overall this event has given the series a direction to go in, which it has lacked lately, and that is good. Hopefully it will pick up again.

3 out of 5

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