pspin's Artifacts #18 - New Creation, Part 5 review

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Artifacts #18 Review

Artifacts #18 Review


The Angelus looks for vengeance against the Darkness but rapture has a different idea

The Good:

Where to begin? The art is a good place, it is amazing. The best part is by far the colors, the way that Stjepan Sejic blends them together to come up with a realistic but still “supernatural” style is really great, particularly the parts where the Angelus is flying and when she fights the Darkness is really cool. The level of detail that goes into the art is also amazing. The splash pages are really good as well.

Ron Marz does another great job with the writing and this issue features some of the Imps from the Darkness and those guys are hilarious and bring the right amount of humor to this very serious and dark humor series. They way her personifies the characters is really great and really blurs the line as to whether or not Jackie is a villain. He also makes the reader care about Finch at the end of the issue and it is cool how he is able to do that in about an issue and a half.

The Bad:

The fight between the Angelus and the Darkness felt like it ended too quickly, like there is a page missing. This isn’t a big deal, it is just a pacing hiccup that really doesn’t affect the story but it seems like eternal enemies would have a longer fight.

One thing that is a slightly bigger problem with the series more than this issue (thus will not impact the score) is that Marz relies on the fact that you know at least some of these characters backstories before you read it and to a new reader like myself, it leaves some of the relationships that these people have with each other confusing.


The end of the first arc of this series comes to a close and it is fitting. It want action packed and the villain isn’t defeated but the characters are developed and placed in interesting positions and I can’t wait to find out where this series leads them.

5 out of 5

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